About Us




What is The Feathered Nest?  For us, it's an extension of what happens when we gather, when we sit around the table and share stories.  It's where we talk about hospitality, friendship, and food ... and then decide to go shopping. This is what happened three years ago with Debbie, Amy and Shannon. A birthday/buying trip to Las Vegas birthed an idea for bringing unique home furnishings, decor and gifts to Northern California.  That idea turned into an 11,000 square foot boutique furniture store that is a reflection of each of them. There are plenty of traditional elements for Debbie (although she appreciates all styles). There is the simplicity of Amy who loves a modern touch, and then there's the eclectic surprise of Shannon ... who might have to be told more than once that something is "a bit over the top".  No matter the size or simplicity of your nest we want it to be the best reflection of you!  So let's gather, let's talk and ... let's for sure shop.  We can't wait to help you feather your nest.